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PHCC Pro Series Water Alarm


PHCC Pro Series Water Alarm
Model # PWA

Water damage is costly and
frequently leads to other problems...

Just as the smoke alarm helps detect smoke, a water alarm can help detect water.

The PHCC Pro Series Water Alarm detects water leaks before they cause costly property damage or let mold grow. Simple water leaks from water heaters, sink drains, broken washing machine hoses (the number one cause of water damage in homes), clogged air conditioner drain tubes and leaky or broken pipes are immediately detected, resulting in quick corrective measures dramatically lowering damage, clean-up time and money.

Place a water alarm wherever there is a risk of water damage - utility room, laundry room, kitchen, bathroom or basement.

The water alarm will sound when as little as 1/32 of water reaches the sensor. Includes 6 of sensor wire for remote monitoring. Wire can be extended to over 100.

Dependable Protection
  • Solid state circuitry is extremely sensitive and reliable
  • 110dB alarm can be heard throughout the house
Extended Life
  • Alarm will sound up to three days
  • Battery will last 24-48 months
Easy to Use
  • Install a 9V alkaline battery (not included) and place the alarm where water could cause damage or extend the sensor to the floor or into the sump pit.
Accidents happen...
  • Water heaters wear out and leak
  • Pipes break
  • Washing machines overflow