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High Water Sensor Accessory

The high water alarm feature is designed to warn you of a potential flood or high water condition.
  • When the water sensor is activated, it triggers a warning light, a steady audible alarm, and the remote terminal on the controller
  • The water sensor accessory easily connects to the bottom of the Deluxe Controller and is mounted to the discharge pipe above the float switch and below the pit cover
  • The sensor can be used for both sump and sewage applications
  • High Water alarm feature meets codes found in several states which require an alarm to notify the occupants that water has reached a dangerous level*
    *Not all states have this requirement
  • PHCC Pro Series Water Alarm
    Download Manual  Download PDF

    • Sounds an alarm and sends a signal to the remote terminal when water has reached the sensor
    • For use with the DFC2 or VSC2 Deluxe Controller
    • Easy to install on the discharge pipe
    • Plugs directly into the bottom of the Deluxe Controller
    • 10 ft. cord
    • Mounting hardware included

    PHCC Pro Series Water Alarm
    Water Sensor Accessory
    shown with DFC2 (above)

    Installation diagram of the
    Water sensor Accessory (right)

    PHCC Pro Series Water Alarm