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PHCC Pro Series Accessories

To help maintain and maximize the performance of your PHCC Pro Series sump pump, we offer these useful accessories.

PHCC Pro Series Water Alarm Water Alarm
Minimize the risk of water damage with a PHCC Pro Series Water Alarm.
PHCC Pro Series High Water Sensor Accessory High Water Sensor Accessory
The high water alarm feature is designed to warn you of a potential flood or high water condition.
PHCC Pro Series Sump Foot Sump Foot
The PHCC Pro Series Sump Foot provides a rigid platform for combination primary and backup pump installations, keeping them elevated and away from pit debris.
Dual Battery Connection Cable Dual Battery Connection Cable
Double the run time of your PHCC 2400, 2200 Backup Sump Pump System and the PS-C33 Combination Sump Pump System with a Dual Battery Connection Cable.
PHCC Pro Series Klunkless Check Valve Klunkless Check Valve
Eliminate the loud "clunk" heard when the sump pump shuts off with the PHCC Pro Series Klunkless Check Valve.
PHCC Pro Series Battery Filler PHCC Pro Series Battery Filler
No Mess. No Fuss. Automatically fill your standby battery to the optimum level with the PHCC Pro Series Battery Filler.
PHCC Pro Series Ejector Series Pump Remote Notification
Pump Alternator Controller
and Alarm System

The Pump Alternator Control and Alarm System is ideal for those wishing to maintain two primary pumps in the same pit. The alternator lengthens the life of both pumps by alternating usage. It also alerts to pump failure, high water and system operation.